Syracuse Italian Restaurant

Francesca's Cucina is one of the most popular Syracuse Italian restaurants. Francesca's is popular because of its wonderful food, atmosphere, outdoor patio, lovely banquet room and great location.

Great Food

Francesca's Cucina is a very well know Syracuse Italian restaurant because of the wonderful food that is served. Syracuse Italian restaurants are known for their fantastic Italian American regional specialties such as Utica Greens and Chicken Riggies. Of all the great Syracuse Italian Restaurants Francesca's Cucina serves the most outstanding examples of these local recipes. The recipes have been handed down from generations of great Syracuse Italian Restaurateurs to the current chef owner. He is from a family of Syracuse Italian Restaurant owners that goes back four generations. His great grandfather owned an Italian cafe in Syracuse's Little Italy neighborhood just two blocks from where Francesca's Cucina stands today. This family pride and talent can be tasted in virtually every dish.

Wonderful Atmosphere

Syracuse Italian restaurants frequently have very traditional decor. The atmosphere at Francesca's is a little different from many other Syracuse Italian restaurants. The decor of Francesca's Cucina is both modern and warm. This Syracuse Italian restaurant features the exposed brick and Venetian plaster walls you will find in many Syracuse Italian restaurants but updates these finishes with more contemporary colors, lighting and fixtures. The resulting atmosphere is relaxed and refined.

Beautiful Courtyard Patio

In the summer take advantage of this Syracuse Italian restaurant's delightful outdoor courtyard. Dining on the courtyard patio is a treat. The area is a unique oasis in the heart of downtown Syracuse that feels as if you have stepped out of the city and into the grounds of a Tuscan Villa. The walls of Francesca's courtyard are covered in ancient grape vines that were planted by the building's original owners over one hundred years ago. The tables sit under rustic wooden pergolas and on top of vintage brick decking and manicured lawns. Francesca's Cucina is the only Syracuse Italian restaurant that can boast such a wonderful al fresco dining experience.

Banquet Room

Francesca's Cucina is also one of a select few Syracuse Italian Restaurants to house separate banquet facilities for parties and events. This lovely Syracuse catering and banquet room shares the warm and elegant atmosphere that you will find in the adjoining main dinning room and bar areas of Francesca's. This Syracuse Italian restaurant sets itself apart from other Syracuse catering and banquet facilities with both decor and food. The delectable catering menu is diverse enough to host a small event or a large affair of up to 60 people.

Heart of Syracuse's Little Italy

Another feature that sets Francesca's Cucina apart from other Syracuse Italian restaurants is the great location. Francesca's can be found in the heart of Syracuse's Little Italy district. This neighborhood has a proud cultural heritage that produces many of the best Italian restaurants in the Syracuse area. Wide stone paved sidewalks and historic brick buildings make up this Italian American area. Located on the north side of downtown Syracuse, Francesca's Cucina is only minutes away from Syracuse University and many of the area's prominent areas.


When looking for an exceptional Syracuse Italian restaurant visit Francesca's Cucina. Wonderful food, beautiful atmosphere, outdoor dinning and banquet areas all make Francesca's one of the most popular and beloved Italian restaurants in the Syracuse area.

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545 North Salina Street, Syracuse, NY 13208  |  Reservations: 315-425-1556  |  Banquets & Catering: 315-409-8848

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